Express Yourself in New and Creative Ways

Express Yourself in New and Creative Ways

Explore the possibilities of expressive arts therapy in Destin, FL

Talk therapy isn't the right choice for everyone. Westside Psychological Health offers alternatives to traditional therapy. Expressive art therapy has been shown to benefit patients who don't respond as well to traditional methods. Visuals, movement and music can be used to make personal progress with art, dance and music therapy sessions.
Speak with a therapist to find out if art therapy could benefit you by scheduling an appointment today.

Therapy that breaks the bounds of convention

Creative expression can open doors to patients by improving their ability to work through emotions and past trauma. Patients begin with talk therapy to determine whether art therapy will be helpful. Find the technique that works best for you, which could be:

  • Music therapy- Use activities like drumming to bridge cultural values and express emotions.
  • Art therapy- Create physical representations of your thoughts to get out of the cognitive verbal mindset.
  • Dance therapy- Connect with your body through dance and yoga to rediscover your worth.

Experience the therapeutic benefits of artistic expression with an art or music therapy session at Westside Psychological Health.