Confidential In-Person or Telehealth Sessions

Confidential In-Person or Telehealth Sessions

Individualized treatment with a licensed clinical Psychologist in Destin, FL

Life can be stressful, and at times, very painful. Sometimes our problems are too confusing, embarrassing, or complicated to discuss with our family or friends. Or maybe we don't even have anyone that we trust to talk to for support. When you need a safe place to work through your emotions, issues, or concerns, turn to Westside Psychological Health for therapy with an experienced psychologist who you can depend on for nonjudgmental, respectful, and honest feedback and support.

We offer one-on-one in-person sessions to children age 6 and above, adolescents and teens, and adults of all ages. We also offer Telehealth sessions for adolescents, teens, and adults, through our private and secure HIPAA compliant videoconferencing platform. Research suggests that therapy via Telehealth is as effective as in-person sessions, so this is an excellent option for individuals who prefer the convenience of their own home or office for therapy sessions.

Schedule an in-person or online Telehealth session with a mental health professional today through our website.

Genuine, Respectful Care

When you're ready to make a change, Westside Psychological Health is here to help. We provide personalized treatment plans based on individual needs and goals. We welcome clients from all cultures and backgrounds-- acknowledging and celebrating diversity in race, religion, nationality, and sexual orientation, and we are committed to ongoing training and education to maintain a high standard of cultural competency.