Dr. Angela Fiorita-Day, Psy.D., HSP

Dr. Angela Fiorita-Day, Psy.D., HSP

Psychologist / Owner Westside Psychological Healthcare, PLLC.

We all get stuck, but we don't have to stay that way. Maybe you've avoided dealing with an issue for many years. Maybe you're suddenly facing a situation with no idea how to adapt to it. Maybe you don't understand why the same negative patterns keep repeating, despite your best efforts to change them. Whatever the circumstances are... you've taken the first step toward finding the sense of freedom and peace that you deserve.

The focus of my work is to empower you, by facilitating insight, healing, and hope; and to provide guidance and encouragement as you develop a more introspective and compassionate relationship with yourself and others. Although empathy and compassion are among the key elements of my practice, I will also acknowledge and appropriately challenge fixed beliefs or behaviors that are misaligned with your goals. As the therapeutic relationship evolves, I may also introduce humor during sessions in various contexts, which I have found to be a commonly underutilized, yet profoundly effective intervention. My style of interacting would be best described as warm and accepting, yet honest and realistic. I genuinely hold a deep respect for all cultures and backgrounds, and consistently maintain an open-minded and non-judgmental stance in therapy.

My professional background includes extensive academic training and 15+ years of experience working primarily from the lens of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT, DBT), Psychodynamic Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy-specifically incorporating Positive Psychology and Mindfulness-based approaches, and Expressive Arts Therapy. My training and experience in highly diversified Southern California has allowed me to gain familiarity in working with many types of clinical presentations, and I have gained specific expertise and interests in areas such as: managing anxiety, dysfunctional relationships or romantic attachments, family conflicts, divorce, career stress/burn-out, peer rejection/bullying, addictions, trauma, abuse, PTSD, and coping with losses, including grief and bereavement.

Again, I would like to commend you for having the courage to seek help in resolving whatever situations have been holding you back from the life you deserve. I sincerely look forward to hearing from you, and more importantly to work with you toward meeting your goals.

Dr. Angela Fiorita-Day
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Owner, Westside Psychological Health, LLC.